What do I like about this site

This is the one time I can just write my thoughts without planning anything out.   I’m in the process of writing a dissertation, have three papers and three books planned for when the dissertation is completed.  For once, I have a space that is not one of my fifty notebooks strewn all over the house with my thoughts in them.  I have none of that organized.  I am too busy trying to organize my at work work, my home work, and the second job and counseling client(s) I am working on building up.  My home life is almost as unorganized as these writings.  But, that’s okay.  There’s nothing wrong with that when so much else is organized and going right.

I am so blessed and fortunate!  I have a husband to be who is a wonderful police officer and does his job extremely well winning the trust and respect of the people he works with because he treats them with respect.  He is a wonderful husband type person!  He’s a leader in our family and leads us with loving kindness.

I have a son who seems to be an online marketing genius.  He seems to be doing really well, learning a lot, and is a very intelligent kid!  I am so proud of him for finding his “niche”.  He has grown so much as a person and as a professional!  And he has a great work ethic!

I have a daughter who is a film maker.  It’s in her heart and soul.  She has a long way to go but has gotten a running start in the industry with her good work ethic and talent.  She has also grown so much as a person and a professional!

I am so proud of all of them!  I am so thankful that they are all a part of my life and I am able to be a part of theirs!

There was a time, not all too long ago, when I never thought we would see the positive growth and success that we’ve seen in this lifetime so far.  I am so thankful for where we all are today.

And, me?  I’m living my dream of becoming a doctor – doctor of psychology.  I’m learning and growing every single day through my education, work, and home life.

Life is all about take steps towards progress and success.  Success can be whatever you want it to be as long as it isn’t becoming stagnant.  Find a passion, see it through, work for it and keep moving forward!

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