Creative Writing for Today

Let’s see if I have a creative bone in my body today:

I don’t think I do.  My brain is mush, fried from a day of answering and making almost a hundred phone calls.  I spent my day answering questions about mental health services. Medical services, medications, counseling, psychosocial rehab groups, group homes, independent living homes, preauthorizations, verifying insurances, and so on and so on and so on.  Then there’s writing mental health assessments – which is actually quite interesting when one can stay awake long enough to get through an entire mental health assessment.  Lastly, there is dissertation – a really interesting project that can really be a challenge and make me fall asleep after a couple hours of work.

I just think my creativity is hanging out there somewhere – the same creativity that I used to tap into on a semi regular basis for writing, photo journaling, trying to sew, crochet, knit, and so many other things.  Then I come home and walk about three miles with my daughter.  By the time I get five minutes of downtime, I am so tired that creativity is drown out by the days events.  Once in a while I am lucky enough to have a creative streak.  But one has to exercise that creative muscle in order to get it to work right more often.


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