Private Time

By Melissa Chovan

I kind of like having this private time, this page I can write on and access at my will.  It’s a notebook I cannot lose unless I forget what webpage it’s on. So far so good, a couple of weeks in the making and I haven’t forgotten the webpage yet.

Maybe I shouldn’t just use this to track my goals.  Maybe I should use this as a writing diary.  Maybe I should use this just to talk at the end of the day.  My entire day is about listening to everyone else’s life, issues, and helping them work towards resolving these things.  I often get lost in the mix.  Just who does a therapist talk to when everyone else talks to the therapist?  I talk to my husband to be.  Sometimes to my daughter or a friend here or there.  But I have so much on my mind most days that I forget half of what I have to say.

I am excited because I’m learning how a book comes together through writing my dissertation.  I have a fiction book idea that will be derived directly from my dissertation and I’m looking so forward to working on it when the time is right.  I’ve learned that writing is a real pain, but a great pain and the product can be absolutely amazing even when it’s not quite perfect – even when you don’t think it’s ready yet – even when it’s not quite what you planned on to begin with – which happens most of the time.

I’ve always wanted to write.  I’ve always loved writing.  I just read a blog by someone who writes a thousand words a day every day.  This is a great practice to get into.  Something I need to begin doing again.  I miss writing for fun!

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