So, how do we go about measuring whether or not we’ve made progress towards our goals?

First we have to look at our big goals:

I want to build a career that can accomplish the following:

  1. I need to create enough of an income to pay down and off debt, making a decent living, and save for retirement.
  2. I need to be able to work and travel between our kids simultaneously while still having part of the year at home to “live off of the land”.  Freedom and flexibility are the key words.
  3. I need to move work towards more physical activities or at least a balance between physical activities and sit down activities in order to live a healthier lifestyle.  I also need time to work out/get more exercise, create healthier eating and sleeping habits, and relaxation.
  4. I need to develop at least two different forms, if not more, of residual income.
  5. I need to be able to “give back” to society whether in the form of free services, money to donate, or find other ways to give back.  But, in order to give, one must get above their own circumstances and that takes time, effort, and planning.

Then we need to identify the smaller, shorter term goals that lead to the larger, longer-term goals.

  1. Finish dissertation in order to move towards the next level of my career.
  2. Being able to work and travel between the kids simultaneously means completing my dissertation and then stepping out into a newer career.
  3. More physical activities balancing types of work between sit down thinking and physical labor working.
  4. Developing residual income takes some research.  Research is where I need to begin here.
  5. Giving back . . . this is a much longer term goal, not one I can focus on today.

So, building my new career depends a lot on completing my dissertation – so what shorter term goals do I need to build to accomplish this?

I need to complete my proposal:

  • Edit Chapter 1
  • Edit Chapter 2
  • Update references
  • See what feedback I get and update accordingly
  • Put all three chapters together in one document, add cover page, table of contents, possibly abstract, and references
  • Create a power point presentation
  • Turn the project into my Chair and Committee Member and IRB.

Health and more physical activity:

  • Walking 12000 steps per day at least 3-4 days per week.
  • Start working on Jillian this next week
  • Keep sugar intake down
  • Watch food intake.

Research for residual income:

  • Wouldn’t hurt to purchase Warren Buffets book
  • Continue researching rental areas and properties.
  • Begin researching penny stocks
  • Begin researching regular stocks
  • Continue looking into residual income opportunities.

So, where did we line up this past week?

  • Completed editing Chapter 3
  • Walked at least 3-4 days last week – achieved 18,930 steps in one day.
  • Lowered sugar intake by about 75%.
  • Ate more fruits and salads.
  • Did some research on properties, houses, what rentals go for in the area I’m currently searching, and what the property taxes are.

This was last week.  Looking forward to next week.  No walking outside tonight due to the weather – 82 degrees with 81% humidity and a rather severe thunder storm expected.  Have to go look and see if it began yet.  The lightening was beautiful a half hour ago.

Good night and have a wonderful, healthy, and productive week!

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