Goals and Objectives

The process of writing goals and objectives seems so easy.  After all, don’t most of us do this every new year’s eve? I’m going to lose 10 pounds.  I’m going to go to the gym every day.  I’m going to get better grades in school.  I’m going to work hard and find a better job.  Many people write yearly goals that become forgotten in weeks.

There have been several studies on goals and why people are not able to achieve them.  Long term goals need to be reasonable, reachable, and followed up with shorter term goals connected to objectives and action items that can be achieved.  The goal of losing 10 pounds is not huge; however, without an action plan and some level of accountability it may not happen.

The long term goals, objectives, and actions need to connect to smaller goals, objectives and actions that lead to accomplishment.  For example, the concept of building residual income is not new to many people.  However, it is fairly new to me as I never would have considered it before.  So, how does a person take steps towards building residual income?  What are the short term goals, objectives and actions that lead to the long term goals, objectives and actions that equate to success?

Research! One has to take the time to understand what the processes are before one can write the goals, objectives and actions that lead to the overall goals.  With a very little bit of research, I have learned about penny stocks, investing via an investment broker, and real estate renting and sales.  These are potential extra sources of income that have different ways to pay out.  Penny stocks pay out when they are sold.  Investing via an investment broker can be a retirement option or if one is good at trading over time, that could be a residual income.  Real estate might be a better source of regular monthly income without a ton of work involved on a weekly basis.  These are just some ideas.  I will be looking into more over the upcoming weeks.

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